Steven Universe Decadence Zine Preview by emilylorange

Steven Universe Decadence Zine Preview


24 August 2018 at 12:53:02 MDT

Hi Everyone! This is one of the projects I was lucky enough to collaborate on over this summer! I’ve had the extreme privilege of seeing many of the artworks in this zine as they came together, and I am so impressed at how everyone went all out to create outstanding work :O

Here’s a preview of my contribution, which includes a stack of pancakes that was apparently so decadent it was deemed explicit by our discord bot and had to be censored in the workflow ;P

Information about the zine:

Decadence is an abundance, and in our case, its an abundance of luxury. This zine features over 50 artists from around the world creating their vision of decadence surrounding our favorite Steven Universe characters.

Proceeds from our zine will go directly to the Point Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping LGBT+ youth gain higher education.

Pre-Orders will end on September 14th, so make sure to grab yours while you can!!

Merch only bundles are also available in store! Be sure to check them out!!

Orders are expected to be delivered late September to Early October.

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