30 Wow Characters (part 4) by emilylorange

30 Wow Characters (part 4)


31 August 2017 at 15:14:19 MDT

So back at the end of Cataclysm we were getting kind of restless and a thread popped up on the US official forums, where artists began trading and filling requests. It ballooned a little out of control, given how many thousands of people must visit that forum, and the list of requests pretty quickly eclipsed what we were able to fufill.

Everyone was super cool about it tho, because it was just something nice that spontaneously happened :)

I kept the list of requests, long past anyone's memory. I started working through the names on it, and some accounts have gone inactive, some changed names or transferred and I can't find them, but a surprising number of them are still up and going.

I've taken on a lot of 'serious' projects lately that require focus and deadline, and these have been a good break in between tasks. ALSO I love how you can see clear artistic improvement between each section, including right at the the spot where I stopped in 2015 and started again in 2017. Nice.

Kerex @ Sentinels, Viarmes @ Bleeding Hollow, Jinyi @Alexstraza, Dead @ Area 52, Stoppable @ Zul'jin, Supertryhard @ Tichondrias

Erykä @ Area 52, Amejin @ Wyrmrest Accord, Skyflame @ Proudmoore, Litria @ Feathermoon,
Níghtmare @ Galakrond, Ental @ Alexstraza

Apolummi @ Fenris, Talakuu @ Fizzcrank, Mauklindaufe @ Fenris, Mðrthræmen @ Bladefist, Alastrine @ Area 52, Ariannas @ Bleeding Hollow

Arkimus @ Hyjal, Dylennis @ Thrall, Rågequit @ Balnazzar, Sibenice @ Stormrage, Goronfighter @ Tanaris, Shinn @ Ravencrest

Candeloro @ Caelestrasz, Krigjer @ Moon Guard, Hàely @ Wyrmrest Accord, Hammercraft @ Whisperwind, Snuzzle @ Bloodhoof, Kaeilthas @Staghelm

Portfolio: http://www.darkelementals.com
Commission Info: http://www.darkelementals.com/cg/commissions.jpg