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2 April 2020 at 13:19:11 MDT

[2014] [2017]

I left Weasyl for a while but I wanna try to bring this account back >:3c So we're starting off with this redraw!

I thumbnailed this earlier this year, left it so I could make it exactly 3 years since the 2017 one is in March, but almost forgot about it until a couple days ago! So I jumped right into it and completed it within a day :'3
All versions are 3 years apart, which is quite interesting to see the differences!

I really like the one hand up, one hand down pose so I figured I'd keep with it, and I debated if I should continue with the implied twirling motion too. I did thumbnail it down, but I liked this motion better! I was kinda trying to continue the blue background with this one as well, but figured it wouldn't really reflect the type of color scheming I've been into lately. The older versions kinda fall boring in terms of usage of color in my personal opinion :'3 I did ALSO drop the bubble effect completely! It just feels unnecessarily distracting from the motion itself, so I opted to keep the background simple. I DID, however, keep the rounded corners from the 2017 version. Not as dramatic, but it's an homage to it.

I am especially happy with how the water came out! It's simple but effective >:3c Elemental powers are so much fun to draw honestly, I'll definitely aim to draw these more often `v´

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