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19 January 2016 at 11:32:28 MST

Heeeeey look it's Talen again!! 8D Haven't posted a picture of him in a while. XD
So I finally remembered how I used to do my old "lineless" coloring style. It's actually pretty easy so I feel really dumb for forgetting. OTL I've also been figuring out how to use Krita some more! The brushes in Krita are so sooooo nice. ;u;
A lot of this is more symbolic then anything else. XD For those of you who don't know Riddle's symbol is a butterfly. It's the symbol of her people in Talen's first life with her. Soooo yeah. >.> It's pretty so I drew it.

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    Very pretty, indeed! I especially like the light effect, and the symbolic (?) wings are a fantastic, unexpected image. I just downloaded Krita, so I'm anxious to try it myself-- though I suspect it'll be a very looong time before I'm producing anything this polished. Thank you for sharing it!

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      I'm so glad you like the lighting. ;u; I'm trying to get better at lighting even though I find it a horrible pain in the rear. The wings are both symbolic and not because in his first life his species is a winged people but when he is with Riddle he always feels like his old self again.

      I'm still getting used to Krita, myself. I usually use Open Canvas and there are good and bad points to both programs. XD; Krita has a very pretty color palette that I just love but it doesn't have very good blending tools which I use and abuse a lot when using Open Canvas. OTL

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    For a lineless coloring, this is really nice looking. I love the light symbol of the butterfly in this. The lighting is gorgeous, and I really love the stylized wings. I need to get around to doing more full colored things myself.

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      I'm so glad that you like the lighting because I have such a hard time with sharp lighting it's such a pain. OTL Yet lighting can really make or break an image.
      I need to make more full-colored things as well so I totally understand.. I just have a hard time because I'm not very good at backgrounds. XD I like doing full colored stuff for Talen and Riddle, though, because their world is so much easier for me to imagine.

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        Full colored stuff is always beautiful but it does take a lot of patience and determination to finish.