Floating by emeytroi



5 January 2016 at 11:09:14 MST

I colored one of my inking ladies! I bought myself an adult coloring book a while back and now I’m kind of on a coloring kick. I guess it’s good. It gives me coloring practice. XD

I was kind of depressed when I first started drawing it but I feel like she’s almost “letting go” of her negative feelings- just letting them float away. I really like it.

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    Ooh, the color in this one is very pretty. I love the choice of colors in general; purple and blue are beautiful colors.

    I can see the sadness in it, and how it's just whisking away so easily from her. I love how you chose purple for the depression (I think that's what the purple cloud is), as though it's a poison to her. It's very accurate.

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      ;u; Thanks so much! I love using blue but purple is still uncharted territory for me so it was fun to experiment with the highlights. You're right about the clouds, they are meant to represent sort of depression or sadness, like it's clumping up and sticking to her, but she's so tired of it that that it floats away instead.
      I'm really glad you like it! <3

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        I'm happy I could interpret it the right way. It looks really nice. You should do more. Maybe experiment with color palettes.