Happy Valentine's Day 2015 by Emeraldia-the-Kitty

Happy Valentine's Day 2015


14 February 2015 at 20:39:04 MST

It's gonna Be Romanced!

Featuring Emeraldia who Loves Genderbent Emeraldia to Give Valentine Gifts Chocolates, Valentine Card, Candy Hearts, Flowers and Heart Balloons.
Oh We Hope you Enjoyed

Emeraldia: Happy Valentine's Day!
Emeraldio: Oh a Gifts Thank You!
Emeraldia: *Purrs*
Emeraldio: A Valentine Card, a Heart Balloon, Chocolates and Flowers!
Emeraldio: *Reads Valentine's Card* Kiss me it's Valentine's Day!
Emeraldia: Well, Let's have a Friend, Emeraldio
(Emeraldia and Emeraldio walks Away)

Happy Valentine's Day Everybody!

Emeraldia and Emeraldio (AKA Genderbent Emeraldia) © Emeraldia_the_Kitty Emeraldia_the_Kitty

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