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The Oceanic Blue Symbiote Bonds to Her by Emeraldia-the-Kitty (critique requested)

She was a Female named Carol "Joanne" Betita she loves Marvel Symbiotes like Scream. She comes here with a Alolan Vulpix named Lei Lei to Pet Her. "Lei Lei, are you Shy?" Carol reads Rainbow Magic and Pokémon Crossover Fanfic Called. "The Fairy Type Within" after the Fanfic, She watches a YouTube Short called "YOUR INSANE POKEMON FUSIONS" Carol says "You Booted the Pokémon Fusion Chamber... Fuse Hitmonlee and Stantler? Yes or No... Hitmonlee and Stantler fused into Stanlee." After the Watching YouTube Shorts, Carol and Lei Lei the Alolan Vulpix went to Sleep in the Closet "Oh My, Lei Lei. Are you Crazy?" That Night, The Blue Symbiote comes in to the House "Oh, I See. You will be Skin Deep of Herself!" They crawls into the Closet. Inside the Closet, Carol in her Casual Clothing with Lei Lei the Alolan Vulpix snuggled with her. The Symbiote comes in to the Closet "Hey Carol, Wanna Bond with Me?" The Symbiote Bonded to Herself. "WHYYY, LEI LEI, WHY DID THIS TO MEEE!!!!" The Symbiote crawls and Slithers to her Skin "You are Here, Carol. Now I'll be Assimilating Me." Her Toes became Pointed and her Casual Clothing got Out of Entire Body. "CAROL, YOU'RE BONDING THE SYMBIOTE!" shouted Lei Lei. Her thighs and her belly was covered the Blue Symbiote with Ocean Wave Pattern "You will be Entirely Covered, Carol." Her hands and arms were entirely Covered by the Blue Symbiote. "I Ssay, your Parents will be Sad!" Carol's Bare Breasts was Entirely Covered by a Blue Symbiote forming a Blue Teardrop. "L-Lei Lei What have you Done!" Lei Lei the Alolan Vulpix shocked to Carol bonding with a Symbiote. Her Head and Facial Features covered entirely by a Oceanic Blue Symbiote forming a Jagged Mouth and the Light Blue Eyes with Teardrops on the Cheeks and Fish Shaped Eyeshadowlike Marking. "I... I Can't E-eXpLAin tO mE, lEI LeI THE ALOLAN VULPIX!" along with Forming the Curved Hair, Forelocks, and a Curved Forked Cowlick with Oceanic Wave Patterned Blue Highlights also the Eyeglasses Falls Down. Lei Lei reacts and cried "Carol, What Happened?" Lei Lei said "Carol, Is that You?" She sees Symbiote's Face to Reveal. "WE ARE ABYSS!" Lei Lei frightened to Her. The Next Morning. Carol's Parents, Oscar and Edna finds Carol inside the closet with her Alolan Vulpix. Edna opens the Closet and Oscar was shocked. "CAROL, WHAT HAPPENED TO ME!" She came out Waking Up from the Closet after sleeping with Lei Lei. "I AM NOT CAROL, I AM... ABYSS!" Carol's Parents frightened to Them. "Why are you Bonded to Her or What?" Edna replied. Lei Lei pointed to Her. "It's Abyss, The Blue Symbiote Bonded to Her." The Symbiote reveal's Carol's Face to Them. "S-sometimes, iM Totally Bonded with Me!" and the Symbiote covers her Face. "I AM HAPPY TO SEE YOU, LEI LEI THE ALOLAN VULPIX!" Lei Lei replied to Abyss. Carol's Parents said "We are going to Terminal 21 Cosplay Festival with Me Tommorow?" Abyss and Lei Lei replied to her Parents. Tomorrow, Lei Lei and Abyss are going to Cosplay Festival at Terminal 21 but for now, She and her Alolan Vulpix Lei Lei going to the Terminal 21 Mall and see Cosplay Festival.

The Oceanic Blue Symbiote Bonds to Her (critique requested)


This is the Last Story of 2023.

My Fanfic about a Symbiote Assimilation of Myself.

Carol and her Alolan Vulpix, Lei Lei are having Activities before the Night. Both slept inside the Closet while the Oceanic Blue Symbiote reaches inside the Closet and they Assimilated Carol Joanne. Betita while Lei Lei is Shocked inside the Closet. When Parents are Freaked Out when Abyss Woke Up and Came Out of Closet along with her Alolan Vulpix.

Ugh, Abyss Symbiote bonded Carol Joanne. Betita and her Alolan Vulpix, Lei Lei will join of the Vacation Tours like Belgium, Croatia, Cambodia, and More Destinations.

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