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My Chinese Zodiac Meme REDUX by Emeraldia-the-Kitty (critique requested)

My Chinese Zodiac Meme REDUX (critique requested)


Again, It's still the Same.

Recently, I'll be Finding a New School!

Here's the Chinese Zodiac.

Rat: Maisy.

Ox: Babe from Bunyan and Babe.

Tiger: Hobbes

Rabbit: My Melody

Dragon: Sisu

Snake: Craig

Horse: Mr. Ed

Sheep: Shaun

Monkey: Ho Ho from Ni Hao Kai-Lan

Rooster: Chicken Joe

Dog: Yuku

Pig: Pig from Back at the Barnyard

Oh, I will be appearing as a Customers on Crepe Café except the 4 Vietnamese Zodiac Animals Buffalo, Boar, Goat, and Cat.

Note: Sisu, Babe, and Yuku are color code Blue.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Canon in Media