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My Chinese Zodiac Meme by Emeraldia-the-Kitty (critique requested)

My Chinese Zodiac Meme (critique requested)


This is the Disgusting Story i Ever Told!

Here's the 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals.
Thea Stilton (from Geronimo Stilton) - Rat
Minotaur (from Might and Magic) - Ox
Vitaly the Tiger (from Madagascar 3) - Tiger
Peter Rabbit - Rabbit
Draco (from Little Dragons Café) - Dragon
Slips Python (from My Gym Partner's a Monkey) - Snake
Spirit (from Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron) - Horse
Leggy Lamb (from Droopy) - Sheep
Boots the Monkey (from Dora the Explorer) - Monkey
Heihei (from Moana) - Rooster
Max (from The Secret Life of Pets) - Dog
Spider-Ham - Pig

Ookay my Zodiac Sign is Dragon!