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FNAF2 - Toy Freddica (2015) by emeraldarcanine811 (critique requested)

FNAF2 - Toy Freddica (2015) (critique requested)


More cross-posting yay!

Even cuter is the toy version of this pairing. Have some sweet Toy Freddica art.
Not porn, but might soon lead up to it, it's up to your imagination. :3

About time I actually posted art of these two. I actually finally got guts to post FNAF period, so this won't be the last of it.

I ship these two so hard. <333 And this allowed me to let out my inner romantic side. lolnotsorry

Time Taken: 2 Days

Program: Paint Tool Sai

Tools: Mouse

Art: Mine
FNAF2: Scott Cawthon

Hope you like! ^w^