Luva's Birthday Present by Ember_Kamura

Ember had little idea that his fate was already sealed as soon as he had bought this little lakeside cabin for the weekend. Luva had of course, given him knowledge for a place that Kamura could have his birthday party. It was a very special day for him, and began just like any other. The wolf had already started to unpack, getting his stuff out of his truck and inside the small cabin. The clean, fresh air almost helped with the packing, almost as if it were easier to breathe out here now. This was the calm before the storm to stay the least, and he managed to get a majority of his items inside as the sun began to set.

He had eventually found himself inside the small cabin, knowing he had a few days for the party he would eventually sit down on the couch, gently wagging his tail and grabbing a can of wolf cola as soon as he was situated. "Hurrhhhhh..." ember huffed, a mix between an exhale and a yawn. He quickly clicked the tab of the cola off with his claw, though a sudden knock at the door interrupted him. With a sigh, Ember brought himself to his paws and quickly strode over there, his large fluffy paws easily gripping the doorknob and twisting it open.

"Ah, hey Em', I got my place set up and I was just wondering if you uh, needed any help?" It was tbat friend of his, Luva he called them. They were fairly 'Generic' to say the least, a grey furred wolf with yellowish taliov and red markings on his legs that only mildly added diversity to his color palette.
"Was wondering when you'd be here, I've finished up though. Vincent is bringing the cake, would you like a drink?" Ember responded, stepping away and opening the door to offer his friend a moment inside. "Sure..." the lupe smirked, gently striding inside and shutting the door behind him. Ember had placed his things in the fridge, looking around for a second to see what he had. "Aight, I got a couple packs of wolf cola... What kind do you want...?" As Ember said this, Luva quickly strode into his room and made his way towards Ember's bedside. "Uh... Just any will do." He responded, reaching into his pocket and taking out a very, very specific little device. It looked like a small, black box with a little antenna on the side, with a small speaker system having been implemented as well.

Kamura had already fallen into his little trap, and the first stage was easily planted right behind the bedframe where he would soon be resting. The wolvan made his way back into the kitchen, just as his friend began pulling a small cola out of the fridge. "Cherry it is then." Ember replied, setting it on the table whilst he grabbed an orange one. "Thanks for coming along, it means a lot." Ember thanked, taking a short sip from his drink as they both sat at the table. "You're welcome. I got the gifts, I'm going to package them up for you as soon as I head back. I'm in with the owner of this place too, he said we can have it rented out for the rest of the week. I can't spend long, I'll probably come back later, maybe tomorrow..?" The lupe added, needing a bit of an excuse to leave. He pulled out his phone, flicking over to the remote control system for the device he had just planted in Embers room.

[Hypnotic White-Noise Emitter v.0.8]
[Status: Linked, Inactive]

Luva merely tapped a little button on thr bottom of the app screen, turning that status to [Active]. The microphone made little noise as it switched on, but he knew for sure that it was transmitting.

"Thank you, Luva. I suppose I'll see you around." Ember replied as Luva set his phone back in his pocket. "You too." He responded and immediately stepped outside, taking out his device again as he started on the trail back to his home. As he did so, he opened the small app again, flicking through as small list of system checks. The atmosphere of the lake was more than enjoyable, the sun already starting to set and giving off a beautiful refection off of the surface. Luva made a visible sigh of relief, the nature seemingly having a connection with the relaxed wolf. He slowly took his phone out, using another app to start recording the sound tape.

Damn, was this going to be a good night for the both of them...

The rest of Embers day had gone uninterrupted, something he enjoyed due to being a more solitary individual. After a short movie and dinner, the wolf had eventually decided to finish up for the night. And soon, he found himself tucked in his bed and fast asleep. His snores were pretty quiet as well, though the motoring device did well to inform Luva that he was now vulnerable. He had just acquired a box of some specific items that would make this process a little quicker and easier, having left it nearby the house.

The gray wolf made his way towards the door of Embers cabin, staring at the electronic lock for a second. He knew whom had installed it of course, and the simple touch of a fake card was able to grant him easy, silent access. He even made sure to shut the door behind him, not wishing to let the cold in. A simple flick of the app soon started up the technology that had just recently been installed, playing the audio tape that Luva had been waiting to use for some time. "Don't be alarmed, Ember. It's your friend, Luva. I want to help you relax tonight, focus on your chest, take a deep breath. You can trust me you know, you've always trusted me." This caused a visible stirr in his sleep, but thankfully he seemed to not awaken and instead complied with the short command.

"Good, you may feel your body starting to loosen up, just let it do that. It's always nice to let the stress drain away, especially when you're tucked in your bed and all warm and cozy. I think I have something you'll like. Hold still, perk your ears up." By this point, Luva had made his way inside Embers room, silently reaching behind the bed and attaching the headset cord to the device.

With a smirk, he slid two little straps around their ears, centering a little speaker on them so that it was softly but firmly anchored into his ear. "There, just a little headset to make you comfortable, do you like the fluff on it? I made sure to have it made specifically for you, as I would for my friend. Can you recall your memories today? You were quite sleepy this morning, maybe you should forget about those lucid dreams and let me explain what really happened. You came to visit me Ember, for your birthday, and you clearly have a burning desire to remain by my side. I think I'll oblige you, it's the least I can do. In fact, how about you just forget about what happened today? It would certainly clear up your mind a little."

Luva gently scratched the top of Embers head, each little scratch causing the memories of today to slowly scrape themselves away. One could also notice how his eyes were half-open for a second before drooping back shut. This was normal, and it was rare for someone to completely wake up from their sleep like state. Just to be on the safe side however, Luva decided to head back out and get his hypnosis kit. He left the clip to continue for now. "Just focus on how warm you feel and how relaxed your body is. I'm going to make this my present for you, and I'm going to do my best. I'm going to make you into a good little Pooltoy Drone, I certainly spent a lot of money on the required tools too. Let's focus on your mind now, remember how joyous you feel? You surely want more of that, maybe you should focus on it and hopefully nothing else, thinking is pretty hard after all."

The headset begins to play some rather nice ambience that was recorded from the lake outside. It was merely more background noise to distract the sleeping wolfs mind and make it harder to resist the manipulation that was being done to him.

Soon, Luva would return with an inconspicuous cardboard box, gently swaying his tail back and fourth as he made his way inside once more. [I]"Now we just have to set up. Hopefully the Where-Pooltoy Ring was worth the money."[/i] He thought, looking inside the box to see what appeared to be some kind of hula-hoop. "So now that we're all warm and snug, I'd like for you to hold still, kick out those paws and just let me get your coating on. You don't need your old body to be seen, you wish to belong to me now and me alone. In fact, I think I'll give you a friend that works well with you and me, so that that someone will always be around for you." Luva would pull away the covers as Ember held his paws up and brought his legs together, and he would slowly move the ring device towards the wolvans pawpads. He could see a little smile emmiting off of Kamura now, it was clear that he was enjoying the sensation and that it was somehow making it's way into his dreams and probing at his mind.

At the slightest touch of the Latex against Ember, Luva could already see that the Wolfoxes paws were coated in a shiny, brown coating that completely encased and sealed them. Luva pulled the ring back, also causing the material to disappear from them somehow. [I]"Perfect, so it works. I think I'll get this on here first."[/i] The lupe reached into the box again, taking out another strange little object. This one looked like some kind of visor, one that glowed a slightly bright yellowish color once switched on. Naturally, it was left offline until the time came.

Once the visor was situated, Luva began slowly pulling the vinyl ring up Embers legs again. Once large and toned from frequent runs, they had now started to convert into puffy, rubbery legs that were more suited to the much different creature that he would soon become. "I've placed the Latex over your legs now, and you no longer need the old ones that they keep encased. These new limbs are thicker and will be filled with the gas you'll produce. They're flat, thick, and puffier then your butt will ever be. I'm pleased so far, Ember, just keep relaxing and let go of those harsh thoughts~" His thick muscles were wiped away by this material, and a little [i]pop![/i] noise could be heard as the valve formed into place somewhere on his rump cheek. The noise caused his partner to visibly blush, or perhaps he was just nervous of somehow being caught in the act.

It was only then that Luva realized he had gone a bit off his own script by placing the inactive visor on and swiftly opened the app to type a new one into the text device, one that could read it in his own voice. He then continued, moving the ring up his body and converting more of his friend. The Darkwolf began to thicken as this happened, his rear end growing larger and heavier like the rest of his body as it was coated. The fur also began to morph, his dark fur covered in blue runes was starting to turn into a cartoonish brown that might have been used for werewolf fur. "Do you feel any pressure yet Ember? Your lower body is part Skunk, and is made to release a special aroma that will help convince others to join us three. The Latex around your body is beyond tight, but more comfortable and secure than your bed. You also have a larger girth than before as I wouldn't wish for you to pop so easily, or manage to accidentally lose my gift. You will be able to release it quite soon, I promise."

It was clear that the end wasn't much further now, as a massive portion of Luvas little project had been converted into his own image. Only Embers head was left untouched now, still asleep but clearly enjoying the experience in his dreams. His thoughts were becoming more and more focused on Luva, and Luva alone. It looked almost cute, a normal lupine head on an otherwise large and rubbery pooltoy. He was more than pleased with the changes being made, and now planned to install his third friend. "There, you will be meeting Anubis in just a moment. Try and think of your memories, anything that happened before this time. You are now Ember-802, and your personality shall be a blank slate for me to write upon. Take your old memories and your old personality, and let them fade away. And when you finally awaken from your slumber, you will be my spooky little Were-Drone~"

Luva was beginning to wash away any unnecessary thoughts now, Kamura being forced to recall each one before being so senselessly ripped away and disposed of. Not that he could care anymore, his emotions were purged at first and were sealed behind a wall of love and dreams. He wouldn't even realize it at all, and Luva could not help but be somewhat pleased by this outcome.

Luva would activate the hexagonal visor over Kamuras eyes. A bright yellow holographic screen quickly flickered to life and dominated sight of anything else the Wolvan could see. While this was going on, Luva would detach the cord from the speakers, linking it to the visor instead. Kamura made a little mumble in response, feeling his thoughts so quickly drained away and being flooded by new thoughts that replaced and overwrote the old. "There, now we finish this little moment." Luva now made the short, final stroke. He gracefully pulled the hoop up around Kamuras head and finished it. Immediately, the last trace of the old wolf was replaced with the head of the Lycan-Pooltoy. Large fangs, orange and red hair, and a wolfish head now converted into one that looked puffy and cartoonish. It had fierce jaws that were merely painted on, and cute yellowish eyes that were were to remind of the hypnosis taking place beneath. It had been a reminder of the wolf whom had been molded to another's will.

From Embers point of view, it was dark, and quiet, for a short moment, his only source of illumination being his visor that continued to melt away his thoughts and replace them with that of a drone. The A.I was in the Latex itself, having permanently anchored itself and sealing Kamuras fate. No device in the whole universe could strip it away now, he belonged to Luva now with all of his assorted thoughts and memories that would hopefully be used for later devices."Greetings Ember, my name is Anubis and I am your Secondary Cortex Personality. I've been installed by Luva in order to make some Final adjustments. I sure do hope we can work together, maybe even get to know each other." The newly converted wolf drone didn't even react now, even as Anubis began to make some rather inconsequential alterations to make his spray more noxious to protect Luva's interests.

[I]"Alterations complete, Luva."[/i] A voice sounded out in his ears, just as the wolf started to collect his belongings. It was from Anubis of course, the AI having had an implant installed into his superior to ensure they could communicate. The big, puffy lycan creature making a little wobble to get itself out of bed, it's puffy padding squishing a little before finally getting its paws on the floor. [I]"Good, I thought that was going to take a month. Get yourselves on the ship."[/i]He thought in response, clearly intent on making it look tidy. [I]"Of course, right away." [/i]

The new drone carefully stepped out of the house, and quickly diverted its route off their normal path. The coating did well when It came to the ground, as it had much less weight to support now. Whatever the case, the old Ember had been completely washed away and was now whatever Luva wished for him to be. Some part of Kamura remained however, an [i]essence[/i] that was now fundamentally altered to the core while all that surrounded it had been stripped away to leave a blank slate. As he neared a clearing, it was filled with a rather noticable show of yellowish lights that radiated into the dark. It's design was large and somewhat bulky yet still rather sleek, with a tube extending out the bottom that appeared to be some kind of cylindrical ramp.

[I]"Would you like for me to stow him in the Drone Chamber? I'll make sure to give him more specific programming quite soon." [/i] By this point, Luva had finished packing up the inside of the quantum house that had been provided for this little project. It was simply a little Hologram that could be placed down to form a temporary solid structure when need be. [I]"Yes, but keep him on standby and tell our Homeworld that I may need some more time. I'm sure Kanova will be pleased with bringing in additional specimens. Get his spray ready as well, largest blast you can load, I want a skunk of mass destruction on standby."[/i]

Naturally, both of them had been sent to gather a very specific group of individuals to be located, acquired, and dronified to be brought off-world. Both of them came from the Wolvan Empire, a group that came from the stars themselves that had sent the two of them to descend on this world and do their bidding. Kanova was their primary dispatcher however, a contractor that specialized in a great many things such as the Drone that he had just created.

[I]"Additional...? I must ask again, what exactly is their purpose with all of this?"[/i] His Alien AI questioned once more, though with his response from earlier he didn't quite expect any form of information on what the Darkwolf had desired. [I]"I'll explain it to you later my friend. But for now, we have work to do. And you know what? Maybe I'll even come back to visit sometime~"[/i]

Luva's Birthday Present


11 October 2020 at 10:15:26 MDT

With my upcoming birthday this 13th, I decided to make a little story to celebrate the occasion. This is about Luva, one of my more obscure fursonas whom invites Ember to a party to use him for his own desires. I'll hopefully be able to get some more content out soon, so hang in there while I continue to try and get things out. If you guys could send critque and spread the word of my writing, that would be nice as well as I really need some people to know I exist.

On the night of his birthday, Ember is given a small cabin to stay at a lake, having been provided by a friend named Luva. Little does he realize that the wolf has far larger plans than Ember expects, and he's doing it for a purpose that's right out of this world...


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