Darkwolf K31 Pistol by Ember_Kamura

Darkwolf K31 Pistol


27 August 2020 at 20:47:41 MDT

nd here's another weapon I drew! I like the work I managed to do with this one!

The Darkwolf Pistol, also known as the K31, is a darkwolf sidearm developed by Akunov Armaments during the rise of the Darkwolf Empire. It is issued all warfare branches of the Empire, such as naval personel, vehicle crews, pilots, officers, and as a sidearm for standard troops. Some modified variants are used by the DSF and other units, commonly equipt with a specialized holographic sight or other modifications as seen fit.

The K31 primarily uses a LI-5 plasma cell as it's primary magazine, though due to the existing mechanisims, it is possible to use it like a conventional firearm, commonly chambered in 9x19mm rounds. This is commonly done when such weapons are handed to lesser races within the Empire, in order to prevent any form of revolt or uprising from conscripted troops.

One signature aspect of the K31 is the cylindrical device on the back of the standard models, in addition to the heat dissipater seen on normal Wolvan weapons, the P19 features the ability to slide the upper half of the weapon back and reveal the secondary heat discharger, which is what the cylinder is. This can be used to induce a rapid cooldown for the weapon, if an operator needs to fire off a large amount of shots in a short period of time.

Just like most other weapons in the Imperial Arsenal, the P19 Pistol is able to support a wide variety of attachments, such as laser sights, extended stocks, tactical lights, silencers, and a wide variety of other modifications. The K31 has served as a very reliable sidearm for Wolvan troops across the multiverse, and will continue to do so for quite some time.

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