save net neutrality (US) by EmajiMewp

save net neutrality (US)


24 February 2018 at 21:42:13 MST

So.. this is a real thing that's going on right now.
The FCC chairman, Ajit Pai, wants to ban net neutrality.. Net neutrality is what makes the internet a great place for artists and content creators of any background or standing have the ability to share and sell art with anyone. It's a good thing, that allows anyone anywhere to have their voice heard and share information freely. The FCC wants to ban this and give businesses like Comcast and AT&T charge over the internet and its content. This would give them the ability to charge us money for visiting sites we already freely us, it would give them the ability to censor or even block websites that they don't like, and may intentionally "lower" the speed of your internet at certain websites.. This. Is. Ridiculous. Who's to say they're going to care about or like sites like FA or DA..there's nothing stopping them once they're the ones calling the shots. The vote for this ban is happening THIS December 14th (2017)
So i made a thing about it 8D
here's a petition. I signed already.
UPDATE: Even though the FFC won, the petition is STILL going on. The states are still fighting to reverse it.
UPDATE #2 : The new rules the FCC wants are coming into action this late March or early April this year, 2018. Petitions are still on going; some states have already started making their own laws to protect our free use of the internet despite the FCC's repeal.

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