Terra by ElrondDrakendil



31 May 2014 at 19:36:10 MDT

Private Commission.

The fourth and final in the Elemental Horse series I was commissioned to do, this is Terra (earth). In keeping with the theme of using warm colors for Ignis (fire), cool colors for Aqua (water), and white for Aura (wind), I chose to represent earth with black. I suppose if you want to get technical about it, I suppose Terra here is closer to stone than earth, but I think that's a minor distinction. I wanted him to look like obsidian, with a molten interior (just like our planet!) with rose quartz stockings and nose and diamond hooves. In contrast to the other four, Terra is depicted standing, with all four feet on the ground. But with the arch of his neck and the way his hind legs are squared off, he looks ready to surge into motion—like an rockslide.

Watercolor, ink, colored pencil and gold paint pen on 9"x12" bristol board. Print available!

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    Having looked at the other three, I still think this one is the best.

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    I like it all except the "tail", it looks a bit like he is pooping lava!

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      Don't say that too loud, he might hear you. >.>

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