Venus by ElrondDrakendil



22 November 2015 at 07:24:13 MST

colored pencil, ink and paint pen
9”x12” bristol board • prints and merch here!

The second of the terrestrial planets, Venus is named for the Roman goddess of love and fertility, whom the Greeks worshiped as Aphrodite. I have chosen to represent her with a Connemara Pony, and while her flowing mane and tail are reminiscent of different interpretation of Venus (hi, Botticelli) I’ve adapted her fiery landscape and thick, toxic clouds into something almost like heavy metal stage makeup—an oblique reference to the face that, on Venus, it rains acid and snows metal. In keeping with the inflammatory nature of both planet and goddess, her border is decorated with a flame motif. This arose naturally as I worked on the piece, and leaves me curious as to how I will differentiate her from Mars—who, as the Red Planet and the God of War, also has some claim to fire as a representative element. We’ll see…

Venus, along with Mercury, Gaia (Earth) and Mars will be going to the Midwest Furfest art show in December, which was where the original Planet Horses made their debut in 2013.

The complete Fantastic Equine series can be found here:

Prints and merch available through Red Bubble:

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    (just looked at the whole series as well) holy crap! the cosmic sort of shading you do on these is amazing & there are so many clever details you've done with the tail/mane like the saturn ring & jupiter spot. I'm in love <3

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      Thank you! I'm so glad you like them! I've had so much fun it's really gratifying that others enjoy them as well. :)

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        Horses + outer space. You can't go wrong XD They are great!