The Viking Special by ElrondDrakendil

The Viking Special


1 July 2015 at 11:45:07 MDT

As a special, con-only option in honor of AC's theme (Viking Invasion) I'll be doing these simple watercolors of people's characters—as vikings! They will be at-con only, and will be largely "artist's choice" when it comes to pose and costume—though you can request different types. The three main ones are shown here:

•Karl (represented by Mingchun): basically your typical free viking of any gender. Can specialize based on your character's own specific traits.
•Jarl (Moth Monarch): ROYALTY. Get all the fancy clothes and jewelry!
•Warrior (ME): Classic viking warrior! Pick your weapon and fighting style (sniper, berserker, vanguard, etc.) and we're off! Note that by "classic" I mean actual historically-supported viking armor and fashion—though I'll put you in a horned helmet by request.

I can also do thralls (slaves) and witches/magicians if you like!

Starting price is $45, with additional characters being $40 each, up to three per picture. As singles they are on 9"x6" bristol board, but I can do them in your sketchbook provided it's paper is heavy enough to support watercolor!

Come see me! Table B19 (to your left and just past the endcaps as you enter Hall B) at AnthroCon!

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