Price Sheet | Commissions: Open by Eliotak

Price Sheet | Commissions: Open


2 February 2017 at 20:53:22 MST

Terms of Service:

  • Payment is upfront through PayPal in USD.
  • Do NOT send me money before I ask you to. I will send an invoice to your email via PayPal.
  • No complex backgrounds; a simple background color or a textured background is free with your commission!
  • I will require visual references including, but not limited to, previous art of your character(s), poses for reference, and/or any ref sheets available for your character(s). Textual references are fine in addition to visual references, but I ask that you are clear and concise in your wording from the start.
  • Note: I will charge a minimum of $5 for complex additions to your commission (e.g., guns, armor, wings, etc..)

What I will draw: OCs, fanart, humans, anthros/furries/scalies, feral animals, monsters, simple robots, pinups, nudity.
What I will NOT draw: Any complex mechs, intercourse of any kind, or extreme fetishes.
(You are more than welcome to ask if I am willing to draw certain kinds of tame fetishes.)

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