[COM] Ri'Ashni by Eliotak

[COM] Ri'Ashni


17 August 2016 at 20:32:04 MDT

"Ri'Ashni is not one to socialize nor is she one to embrace her feelings. However, there is something about the rain that soothes her introvert tendencies and calms her violent spirit. Something about the patter on the roof that cools her nerves. Something about the cold shower that soothes her invasive thoughts. Whatever it is, Ri'Ashni would not trade it for all of Skyrim...

...And don't you dare burst her personal bubble when she finds her inner peace, that guard at the front door has a tendency to miss the cat's boot-knife!"

Fallout/Skyrim crossover

Character belongs to flippedoutkyrii
Skyrim and Khajiit belong to Bethesda
Art belongs to me