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on 5 May 2019 at 09:46:28 MDT

Wow! This website is absolutely deserted on my end. For my followers who genuinely liked my work and wish to see art that I've worked on over the past few years, please follow and hang out with me either on Twitter or Fur affinity! If it matters, I am more active on Twitter!

Fur Affinity:

Thank you for enjoying my work and following me. I appreciate the support. I hope to see you there!!
(I'll keep this account on Weasyl, but I wont be uploading anything from now on until Weasyl magically has more traffic and stops being the slowest website in the world)

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3/4 Busts

Flat Color
$ 18.00
Full Shaded
$ 25.00

Full Body

Flat Color
$ 28.00
Full Shaded
$ 35.00


Monochrome sketch
$ 12.00

Payment is accepted in USD, PayPal, only and BEFORE I start on any art.

I am comfortable with most subjects but I will not draw pornography (soft-core, pin-ups, suggestive themes are acceptable), gore, overly-complicated armor/mechas, or huge landscapes.

I've got a turnaround about 2 - 3 weeks. I will let you know if my schedule gets too hectic or if I need more time to finish your commission. Please do not hesitate to contact me to inquire about your piece. Please note me with what you want from above with references.

Please understand that I am a beginner and I will try my best to meet your standards!



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    Thank you for the fav :3 hugs

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    Hey there~!
    Thanks for following me!

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      No problem! Love the work you have posted!

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    thank you for the favs! ^-^ hugs

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      No problem! They were amazing pieces!