Dragon Ink by ElementalSpirits

Dragon Ink


13 March 2018 at 13:08:26 MDT

Patreons get to see the whole image!

I'm still waiting to get my PC fixed, so in the meantime I'm starting a new project!

I've been thinking about making a colouring book for quite a while, but I keep flip flopping between that and a sketchbook... but then I thought... why not both? One page to colour and the opposite with some sketches and a short description. Then people can decide if they want it as an art book or a colouring book. Perfect! I'm scaling it back to a more manageable size as well so it's not quite the huge project I planned originally (instead just split it up into different books instead of one huge book).

The only question now is, do I make a little book of dragons, or a little book of mixed fantasy creatures? I know dragons can stand on their own, but I'm not so sure about others...

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