Hey! My name's Thomas! I'm a mildy crazy twenty-something Yank who likes to draw, game, and engage in wiseassery.

All of the characters are part of a story of mine, Defiance, that I've been building on for some time, it first took shape as a senior project in high school in 2005 for a writing project. Back then people were pushing me to more traditional things, and my art was not really encouraged beyond study hall doodles.

Defiance is my baby, and as I finish up writing the script and finishing designing the characters, I'll keep posting updates here.

Once I'm comfortable with my own capability with art and feel I am able to keep and maintain an update schedule, I will formally launch Defiance.

ATTENTION! I will not do commissions, there are fantastic and more talented artists to look at, see below. Maybe, some day, I'll try my hand at making money with art...

Artists who influence me, help me, and are otherwise just cool to watch: Poecat Foxena

Feel free to contact me!

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Death: the last chapter of a beautiful life

on 22 May 2014 at 15:38:54 MDT

On Tuesday I lost one of my strongest pillars. It leaves me sad and joyful. Sad that I've lost one of the biggest influences on my life, reinforcing and providing me with the values I have. Joyful that her struggle is now over.

She beat the odds. She beat them many times over. She was no quitter: she found ways to be strong and strengthen those around her. She fought health issues from day one, and later in life, and she never quit. She kept fighting and not once have I ever heard her complain about her struggles.

March 9th, we lost who Gramma was. She was still here, but time was no longer a constant, straight line. Her memories were scattered. Faces forgotten. Places lost. But, but she recovered far beyond what any of us hoped for. She recovered a lot of her memories and gave us the chance to say goodbye. She gave us a little more time.

On Tuesday, I lost her entirely.

Though a new chapter of my life starts, one without a very important pillar, she's not gone. Her values, determination, and fighting spirit are attributes I'll carry with me for every other chapter that awaits me.

I will miss my Grandmother. Her humor. Her wit. I'm happy and lucky that I had the chance to say goodbye. I'm sure she could hear me.

But she leaves one hell of a legacy, both in the fantastic family I have, the principles that govern me, the attitude my family has, and -most important- the memories we all have.

This isn't a goodbye, Gramma. This is "Until I see you again."

I'll miss you.


Your eldest Grandson

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    Guess who!? I is on your Weasyl, looking at your arts. :D

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    Thanks for the watch!

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      I already follow ya everywhere else, why not here? Seems you do the same :P

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    You do really cool work!

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      Hehe, thanks! Granted I don't have much uploaded yet, and not a lot of finished stuff. More art coming!

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    Apparently there's a new art site on the ether known as the 'net. Questions remain about my artistic capability (a little self doubt, I guess) but that won't deter me from posting here :D