Tutorial - How to take off / get out of a binder by Electrical-Socket

Tutorial - How to take off / get out of a binder


12 January 2016 at 10:49:40 MST

A tutorial on getting out of a tank-top style binder, demonstrated by my very own Caramel Latte (because they're cuter than me).

As someone who had to frantically Google how to get out of a binder after trying on my new one and discovering myself unable to get out, I thought this would be useful and more accessible than frenzied trawlings of trans reddit threads, haha!

I can't speak for shorter binders, but with my gc2b tank top, this technique works a charm and it's a lot easier than the shimmying out of my Underworks ones I had to do!

Other pro tips: Some people swear by wearing a rash guard or talcum powdering themselves under their binder to make it easier to remove. Don't panic if you can't get out - if you're anything like me, you'll start anxious-sweating and then it'll be even harder to get out, which is the opposite of what you want!

And of course, bind safe. Wear binders that fit you, don't wear for over 8 hours, don't sleep in them, and don't do heavy exercise in them if you don't have to. There's heavy-compression sports bras out there.

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    Any suggestions as to where I could order comfortable binders that ship overseas? I'm in Europe, and many stores I checked out are America-only or only for Germany/UK...
    I'm also a little chubby and am busy most of the day, so something comfortable that I can wear a lot that doesn't deform my ribs.