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The Emerald Expanse by Eldrikke

The Emerald Expanse


27 August 2015 at 10:58:58 MDT

This commissioned high fantasy piece was created by Damien Mammoliti.

The Emerald Expanse is a massive and mysterious forest, with legends saying it contains long lost ruins of a past civilization, hidden knowledge, and unimaginable gold riches. But on the other side of the coin, this wild region is far from civilization's light, and many dangers lurk here.

Our intrepid adventurers Nyst Baiwen (the bluish fellow), Varanis Blackclaw (the green fellow, or varanisridari), and Firion (the wizard fellow) find themselves waylaid by merciless assassins. Thankfully, our friends have brought a little magic with them, but will they be able to outlast these repeated attacks?


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    Now if they were smart they'd hit and fade to wear them down. The shield is a near ability and possibly formidable, but it's unlikely that Nyst could maintain that field all day while they take pot shots at them from cover. Basically harass and harry them and wear them down. Or just wait till they sleep and draw away the watch and take them down that way. In any case trained assassins wouldn't stand and fight when outnumbered by people twice their size, they'd be awfully more clever about it.