You can run, you can hide but.... by Eldanoth

You can run, you can hide but....


29 June 2019 at 10:30:29 MDT

Eldanoth and the little story belong to me©
the amazing artwork was made by grimmuza grimmuza
Eldanoth and the little story belong to me©
the amazing artwork was made by
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It's been years since you met him. It was back when you were not but a nobody among the crowd of people. Ofcourse, that all changed when you met him and made that deal, get fame and fortune in exchange for your soul. At first, you didn't think much of it, perhapse he was just someone with the right connections, who saw potential in you. However, you started to look up texts, do research about demons and things gotten more....frightning.

You had people look out for any sightings of him while having safehouses created in cause if he ever would...collect the debt.
Ofcourse, things would became even more dangerous as other rich people started to die and while hidden away, he was getting sighted. Meeting with others who had made a deal, you all agreed to go to the safehouses, go underground during more nightly hours.

During on of those nights, the alarm system started beeping loudly. Getting in the monitoringroom, you watch as the black wolf dispatched your guards. Their bullets didn't seem to work and some shot each other for some reason. While this was a problem, you waited, the guards weren't the only safeguard against him. While he continued down the hall, he was stalled by small things such as locked doors, fire that spit from the walls and ofcourse, more guards. As he gotten deep down and closer to you, he came to a hall that been more heavily secured. Once he reaches the spot, you press a button and grin. Metal doors shut him in, before gas starts filling it and a small spark set it off, greating a large fireball inside the box. That wasn't all ofcourse, after that, grenades fell from the ceiling and blew up. You watched through the camera as the screen shivered and settled from the explosions.

Things were quiet for a minute or two and you let out a sigh of relief before you hear the sound of the metal doors being pushed back, the loud screeching sound of metal was clear as your face turned white and felt fear rattling your mind as he looked so different while still pushing the door, bending them before looking straight up in the camera, at you and opened his maws before saying

"You are only delaying the inevitable"

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