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Eldanoth, demon lord of wrath by Eldanoth

Eldanoth, demon lord of wrath


9 February 2019 at 15:14:18 MST

Many years has it been, perhapse centuries, maybe even longer but that mattered not to Eldanoth. He looked down at the former demon lord who created him, beaten, cut, disemboweled, stabbed, burned and more. After such a long time, he finally gotten his vengance on the one who created, imprisoned and tortured him, all because he feared what he had created.

The demon lord under him was still alive, he made sure he would be. He could feel his own soul moving inside him, yearning to be whole again, clawing inside him to return to what it once was part of. Looking around him, he saw the field of where the battle was held. Broken bones, ripped flesh, unearthed ground, littered with lesser demons and undead. Some still moved about, either just standing there, looking back at him, others kneeling and the rest left.

He felt his ceator moving a bit under him, turning his attention back to him. Without any words, Eldanoth plunged his claws into the demons chest and started to pull out his soul. The demon lords body twitched as he groaned loud while his soul struggled to remain within it's own body. Eldanoth's chest symbol glowed more brightly as he pulled the soul closer to himself.

With heavy pull, he ripped the demon's soul from it's body, causing it to stiffen before going limb. The soul struggled in his claws, trying to get away from the symbol on his chest. Tendrils of light shot out, wrapping around the dark soul before pulling it in. The soul struggled but to no avail as it dissapeared in the light.

Silence, it was just dead silent as Eldanoth felt his soul consume the other, making it his own. Before he could respond, a rush of power surged through his body, it was painful, the agonising pain he even felt. His body started to change, stretching, bulging as he roared in pain, sending shockwaves from him. He grew longer as he clawed at his own skin, ripping it off himself as spikes started to jut out, growing quickly from out his dark flesh. His back bulged more and more before his flesh exploded with new blood red limbs. He roared even loud as his maw grew before splitting off, creating another. Long dark shadows started to flow from his middle, wrapping and whipping around like something caught in the wind.

After the painful changes of his body had subsided, he moved his new limbs as he floated in the air. He was compleet now, his symbol glowing as he felt his powers increased beyond what he thought he could reach. A chuckle, then another and another, quickly turning into loud demonic laughter. All this power, the things he could do, his new form, the possibilities. His ears flicked as he heard movement. Snapping his head to the sound, he saw many lesser demons had gathered, proberly from the surge of power earlier. One by one, they kneeled before him, some cheered while others remained silent.

This was his realm now, his circle of hell and all those who lived inside it. Holding out his claws out towards the crowd, no, army of demons, he spoke, but not one voice but many, echoing as he spoke "Behold, your new lord, your lord of vengance, lord of wrath". Yes, wrath, he would heard those who would seek out wrath, no matter wich, be it the innocent or the wicked.


This splendid, wonderful and fantastic piece of art has been made by the amazing artist Forgess, who just did the perfect job on Eldanoth's true form after he becomes compleet <3 please go check her other cool work too, she does amazing works!

I put in the small story you have or have not read above

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    Woah, that looks amazing :O

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      yaaaasssss, the artist did a amazing job :D

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    I cannot favorite this hard enough <3

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      artist did a cool job, didn't she :D???

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        Very much so! Well worth your money <3

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          Well worth indeed <3