Dance my puppets by Eldanoth

Dance my puppets


18 February 2016 at 00:21:59 MST

Clouds gathered over the holy temple, darkning the sky as the demon stood ontop of the altar.

The symbol on his chest lightend up while he spoke in demon tongue and raising his hands, sending string of red into the earth below.

"lueayzae teoo haee-ha-haae-seez, x-lueay-fe-ra teae seewae zahee-dez ah-bae seewae deeay-jaeeay-fe-ra, zah eay teohoo ra-luahq ae-jaeae-fe z-see-luah-fe-raae-lu"

A soft groaning rose before claws burst out from the graves. The dead climbed out the graves where they once rested, some nothing but bone.

Once on their feet, they stared at the town below, where the people fled into their homes and guards stood with weapons drawn. The eyes of the dead glowed with the same light of that from the demons chest symbol as he spoke again in a booming voice.

"You can barricade your homes, you can hide away, go to your church, fight me but know your souls will be mine!"

And with a motion of his hand, the dead began to walk as he followed, making way to the town and the people within.

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