Scar Disapproves by ekoi1995 (critique requested)

Scar Disapproves (critique requested)


15 May 2015 at 05:25:35 MDT

Scar is just so awesome!

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    Dude, you did a really good job, I love it! As far as critique goes, though, your coloring and shading is a little sloppy. I'm just speculating, but it could be a layering problem? I suggest using separate layers for all the things you have the color and shading them separately, that should help you immensely c: Love the expression though as well as the background, and his eyes are really striking c: Have a lovely day!

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      Thanks for the critique! <3 It's quite constructive :3 I'll work with the coloring :)
      Yes! I used only 3 layers for the background, color and the lineart for this work. XD And yeah the flat color was shaded and lighted also XD

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        You're welcome c:
        Yeah, that works for the background and lineart, but having several layers for the colors should help you a lot in the long run c: Makes things way easier on you too~ I suggest looking up some guides on the best way to do this (I'm not a digital artist or I'd help you myself - sorry!) because I know my bff does it in a way that basically limits where they color to within the lines, allowing them to pretty much just scribble scrabble all around and not get the color anywhere they don't want it lolz