Something EPIC! WIP by ekoi1995 (critique requested)

Something EPIC! WIP (critique requested)


12 May 2015 at 10:45:37 MDT

I'm getting what I wish for...but still not enough! :XD:

I don't know how long I made this...but I started sketching this in photoshop in May 31 :XD:

I didn't skip class for this :XD: I just took my time...and yeah I am so very excited to share this! :XD:

LOL yeah it's still WIP...I'm still thinking something to add in this piece o.O

Oh well...There's me with guns...
Karrex in the middle...I've redesigned his armor or gear whatever
Leia below me with her big black blade...
Jeyzer with his chain mace and that's weird because why does he look like iron man! o.O

and lastly! :icontailsxcoco: Isabelle! :XD: Yeah I'm welcoming her to our team! :XD:

I don't what team we are...but it's something epic! :XD: Saving the world from evil masterminds! :XD: Adventurous explorers and daredevils which does something unthinkable! :XD: Being LEGENDARY!!! :XD: oops ...I said too much :XD: yeah you may say ambitious...