Handsome Stranger (Gift For My Mommy) by ekakinomi-art

Handsome Stranger (Gift For My Mommy)


24 September 2018 at 22:31:02 MDT

My mommy grew up in Detroit, where the Saturday morning cartoon line-up for her area included "Felix the Cat" and "Kimba the White Lion". She watched both shows religiously as a kid, and continues to adore the characters to this day.

So, to tickle her fancy, I decided to surprise her with this cute gay line-art, depicting a swingin' Felix "Hey baby"-ing a teen-age Kimba (you can tell by his growing mane-hair and thicker eye-brows).

Just to let you know that nothing nasty is happening here, both of the monochrome kitties are teen-age in this picture, and this is taking place in an alternate universe, following the rule of Osamu Tezuka's "Star System" (where he uses the same designs for different characters in different series, much like you'd use the same actor for different movies).

You may notice that Kimba doesn't quite look like he does in the original show. That's because I used this adorable "toony" design that was used somewhere in some kind of official animated installment...I've looked everywhere for the source, and "kimba with tall pants" brings up nothing (you can trust me on that one), but here's a collection of screen-shots I compiled:


Isn't he cute? And I thought his retro toony look would just go perfectly with Felix's, so I applied it. Plus, Mommy said she doesn't really care how I draw him, just as long as he's still a cute white lion with big blue eyes and black ears.

I hope you all enjoy this!

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