Summer Sequel--The Cat-sharks (Sequel to Shark Week 2017) by ekakinomi-art

Summer Sequel--The Cat-sharks (Sequel to Shark Week 2017)


27 July 2018 at 20:23:21 MDT

(EDIT--8/5/2019: When these were initially made, I was not feeling that great, but I was so passionate about these and so determined to get them posted on the appropriate dates that me and my team only added the bare minimum of details to each one. This year, they have been refurbished with species names and frames added to the ones that didn't have them, and literal water-marks for all of them, plus tags and text descriptions like the ones below, and finally I have reposted all of them to my other sites. I'm sorry for the long delay, and I hope you enjoy the new up-dates!)

And here it is, the sequel to and intended grand finale of my 2017 Summer Collection--a collection in and of itself--of cat-sharks!

Cat-sharks are a type of small, harmless-to-humans shark composed of many different species, with a few similarities--the structures of their fins, their basic physiology and, most noticably, their huge eyes, which have eerie, cat-like pupils that go diagonally.

For the die-hard Beatles fans seeing this collection who've already seen my Sgt. Pepper shark, I actually sneaked another reference to the band in this picture--these playful young cat-sharks are having fun in an octopus's garden, in the shade! The octopus (whose name is Marvard) isn't too happy about it, though.

But let's not focus on him--let's focus on what these sharks are doing--after all, it isn't Octopus Week.

From left to right: Toto, the aquamarine Pyjama Shark, is taking a nap in a little sand pile. Next to him, Panthy the purple Leopard Cat-shark has taken advantage of Luna the orange Swell-shark's ability to swell so that he could play a game of ball with Rita the chartreuse Chain Cat-shark, who would have preferred to use a smaller ball. Cora the magenta Coral Cat-shark is using a coral branch to roll her friend Eddie the blue Puff-adder Shy-shark like a hula hoop. And finally (because Marvard himself paid me in sea-money to include him in the description), Marvard the rain-bow octopus is harumphing his beak off and shaking his shovel at the mischievous sharks who may or may not ruin his beautiful garden. (Fun fact: real octopi actually do build fancy "gardens" out of shells, rocks, and found objects!)

And here's another fun fact: this picture was originally conceived in 2017, and was intended to be posted that year. Due to the size of the project, I set it aside until this year, when I came up with the fun idea to draw and post special extra additions to the last year's collection, called Summer Sequels, along with the actual collection of the current year. That's why you won't find this in the "2017" sub-folder in my "Summer Collections" folder.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this fun, festive and intricate addition to my pixel shark collection, and happy Shark Week from the team at Ekaki No Mi!

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