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I'm Megan, but I go by the current online alias of 'Eizhno.'
I'm a hobbyist digital artist of whom's art mainly features the realistic portrayal of animals; real or fantasy based. However, I also dabble with other subjects, too.
I am a High School Student; aiming for an illustrious future of glory and mayhem in the honoured disciplines of sleeping and doing nothing productive.
Current ambitions include, but are not limited to: Gaming/Graphic Design, Veterinary nursing, Procrastination...



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Funds Needed To Cremate Beloved Dog

Hey y'all,

My family are short on money and I need to start selling characters, YCHs and other pieces of art as commissions fast in order to raise enough money to help my parents afford to get my fifteen year old Labrador cross cremated as we've come to terms with the fact that we're going to have to put him down. His back legs are now failing him, as usually happens to larger dogs and it isn't fair on him anymore to keep pushing him to toddle on even though he's in pain.

Charlie has the mind and heart of a puppy and he hasn't realised that his body is failing him and it upsets me greatly at the thought of him not being able to do the things he enjoys, but us still forcing him to continue on?? In response, my parents have agreed that we'll sadly be putting him to sleep at the end of the month. I have from here onward to spend all my time with him and say goodbye.

I'd greatly appreciate any help to advertise this journal in order to help me obtain the money needed to help my parents afford to put my beloved four legged friend to rest and, like his deceased sister, have him cremated so he can be scattered in the local woods - a place my family have frequented with friends, close relatives and our beloved dogs - and where his sister Poppy has already been scattered along with wild flower seeds which are fortunately growing.
The above image is of my baby boy on a dog walk at the local woods ;[[

Open YCHs: Aim n' fire, Not just a pretty face

Characters: Looking at Offers ;// those w/ a * in their file name I can not sell on.

Also taking a range of different commissions. Just ask and I'll give you a price or you can offer a certain amount. ;// my commission to-do list takes priority over the request journal I put out, so sorry for the wait y'all. my apologies.

My 150x150 avatars are still open too! Deviantart Link for Avatars! Avatars are £5 each. Willing to bump the price down a bit if you order large batches. ;; e.g 4 for £17 instead of £20, etc..

--- There will be a tumblr post link here for y'all to share if you'd like once created.

Even if you aren't able to contribute or donate, sharing this post is still highly appreciated.
Thank you. ;[

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