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Up All Night by Eight

Up All Night


Another pinup done. And done WELL, if I say so myself.
Its been a long time since I've had Jez as the subject of anything, but she still lends herself to the paper quite well. I went for something a little different with this one, as I think I'll be doing for all of the pinups I do. Or at least, as long as the BG fits the subject.
For this BG, I wanted it to be kind of homey. Since Jez is rather shy, She wouldn't do anything like this outside of her home. It strikes me as a bit cozy, which is what I was aiming for. Mission accomplished!

Jez here, sporting one of my alltime favorite things to see on a female frame so petite, that skimpy blouse. Y'know, so tight the buttons are practically screaming to cling to the fabric. Fun times for everyone.
You'll also notice some slight redesigns, namely with her face. Jez was always meant to be ever changing, having a good fashion sense and all, her fur and hair will change often, but the thing I changed the most was her face and nose just a touch.

Another down, more to come.

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