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Tongue Tied by EhX-KoR (critique requested)

Tongue Tied (critique requested)


Please download for best view, thanks!

Hey all,
Something I pulled off yesterday. Special thanks to Sylver on Art Amino for introducing me to IBIS Paint, a mobile drawing app that actually is super rad. I took one of my traditional linearts which happened to be a redraw of an old picture I did back in grade 11, Tongue Tied (Lineart-a-Day 11), and coloured it in on my iPhone 5SE. Yes, I coloured this in on a screen that matches the size of your average business card, fight me. Look at that edge hahal Oh boy, was I an cringetastic edgy 15-16 year old or what? And look at me now, still everyone's beloved edgelord, EHXKOR (hey that's actually kind of catchy, cool!). Please click on that link to uncover my old grody ass lineart from 2014 LOL. I think I improved a little bit over the past few years. If any of you use IBIS, please give me some tips on the different brushes and how to better blend the shading. I couldn't get my pen fade tool to produce anything under an opacity of 8%. IBIS recorded me some video footage which was really nice, so I'll probably use it in my next response video.


Time taken: 6:37 @$40/hour = $264.67

Created in IBIS Paint
CA Node is an original character, canon to the Void 9 universe and story. All Rights Reserved.
Unnamed is an original alien genetic mutation designed and owned by me. if you wish to make your own, please note me. Thanks!
Drawing © EHXKOR

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