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Drop It by EhX-KoR (critique requested)

Drop It (critique requested)


Hey all,
I'm slowly chipping away at finishing all of my work in progress images, so yay. Fortunately, my style hasn't changed too drawstically over the course of the past seven months or so, and anything that has changed was easily fixable with the digital outlines. Looking back on that though, I'm not sure if that's really a good thing or not. Either way, it's happening. Since 420 is coming soon, I want to try pumping out as much of my drug artwork and I possibly can- and trust me, I have a lot of unfinished drug-based artwork.
I was actually inspired to colour this the way I did by a couple individuals. In a public chat on Art Amino, a group of us were sharing some of our drawings and at one point I shared some old artwork from 2012 and 2013, and I ended up sending this. One of the leaders of the Art Amino community, Tina Hudson pointed out that I used to use a lot of being in my artwork and that kind of got me thinking. I really did enjoy using the saturated and vibrant colours that I did back then, and I still do. I couldn't really think of a solid reason why I stopped. I got a lot of complaints about it from others, so that very well may have been an influencing factor. Then as I stopped with the colours and began adding more muted hues into my works and more details in the shading, my artwork garnered less and less attention and I just kind of faded into obscurity. I actually really miss doing the more vibrant digital artwork, so I'm glad I came back and did this. Gullacass is another artist that influenced my decision to colour this piece this way. I've been seeing a lot of their artwork in my inbox as of late and their pieces always stand out so much. All of the colour they use in their artwork work together so well and clash very little if ever at all. And I know from experience, these colours in particular are very difficult to work with multiples of without overwhelming the piece. And then there's the fact that well, this is a drug piece, and so I felt it would work well with the theme.
The colouring in this piece was definitely very experimental. I haven't used colours like this to fill a whole image since sometime back in 2013, long before I actually started caring about things like anatomy and proportion and colour theory and all that. And that's especially super awkward considering a shitload of people liked that messy, anatomically incorrect, stretched out limbs and body type of art style for some strange reason. In other words, this certainly was a different kind of trip for me. I definitely want to do more pieces like this in the future. It takes much less time to colour than my main style and while it may not be as detailed, it still comes out looking hella rad.

If you've gotten this far then congratulations. I hope my puns didn't make you want to kill yourself too much.

Created in Clip Studio Paint Pro, Version 1.6.2
Niue is an original character, canon to the Void 9 universe and story. All Rights Reserved.
Cyodai is an original alien species designed and owned by me. if you wish to make your own, please note me. Thanks!
Drawing © EHXKOR

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