Meet The Artist 2017 by EhX-KoR

Meet The Artist 2017


11 February 2017 at 11:43:49 MST

I've just kind of made it a thing that I do, to update this "Meet the Artist" meme thing every year. It's the only time every year that I actually draw an "accurate" self portrait. Or, well, as accurate as I can make it. This is pretty much me, so hello there. I actually started working on this before christmas and it's just been sitting in my school notebook for the last little bit. However, when I saw this meme floating around on PaigeeWorld and on Art Amino again, I figured I should finish it. On and off (because of school and other non-art related things), I spent about three days making this digital from the lineart to the highlights. I really should start timerecording these things, however that's kind of tough to do when I'm consistently on and off of my computer, and often on my phone at the same time. I suppose that's something I'll definitely have to work on again.
I tried the soft highlighting again, as well as mixing it with the harsher lighting, considering I really liked the way the soft lights turned out. I typically wouldn't use a straight white for the soft hightlighting, but considering the backdrop behind the actual character was white, I figured it'd be a little bit silly to use blue or green. However, looking back on it, that actually might not have been as horrible of an idea as I initially thought. Oh well, that's just something I'll have to remember for next time! I'm really happy with the highlighting in the hair, I will definitely be doing that more in the future! God, I have some horrible roots, much worse than this picture shows. However, if I had done that accurately, you wouldn't be seeing any blue hair at all. Also, I really want that shirt!
On a completely unrelated note, who else here really wishes that deviantart would update the version of HTML and CSS users are able to code into their pages and description. It's kind of fucking with me, considering I'm learning HTML5 and the latest version of CSS in class and then I have to remember the old stuff for dA. What's worse- I have no actual idea of what version of HTML this is.
Sorry for the mini rant, I just needed to get that off my chest!

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