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Peopaux by EhX-KoR



11 February 2017 at 11:41:32 MST

Hey all,

I actually finished this picture a while ago, but of course I didn't actually post it because why would I do that? I'm slightly regretting using space as the background, mainly because it seems no one really likes that from me anymore. Oh well, new work will be coming shortly. it was actually a lady I met on the train who gave me the idea to shade the picture in black and white. However, I still wanted to colour the hair, eyes, and glowing bulb on CA's external spinal growth. So this shoutout is for you, homeless artist I met on the train during my at-the-time Thursday afternoon commute to school! Is this perspective weird? Sadly, I can't really tell.

CA Node is my main persona and is loves dearly. Please don't copy his design, thanks a lot guys!
Drawn with Faber Castel fineliner, coloured with Prismacolor coloured pencils, and digitally edited in Clip Studio Paint Pro, Version 1.6.2
Unnamed is an original alien species/genetic mutation designed and owned by me. if you wish to make your own, please note me. Thanks!
Artwork © EhX-KoR

•ºoO0 I do Commission work! Email me at 0Ooº•

My art style is not anime, please do not confuse it as such, thank you ^^

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