Ecstasy by EhX-KoR (critique requested)

Ecstasy (critique requested)


24 November 2016 at 11:46:45 MST

So I actually remade my logo. Why, you might ask? Well, turns out the font I was using for the text was not a commercial use font, which I was unaware of when I made it. i was really sad because I did truly love the way it looked, but hey what can you do. I mean, I could have just given the designer money in order to use it, but I don't really have that money I can spare at the moment. Christmas is around the corner, I need to be able to pay for gifts for my family and friends somehow.

This is an image of Niue (left) and Skitzel (right) before their relationship inevitably falls apart. Why does this happen, well I'm glad you asked. I'll share a pre-typed message containing a little bit of information:

"Niue is a massive drug addict, his favourites happen to be Crystal meth, LSD, and bromo dragonfly. Skitzels father happens to be a drug dealer, he cooks meth in his home, and sometimes used him as a test subject before he ran away from home. Not only this, Niue is also a sex addict. That along with the fact his species as a whole is very sexually active, and it’s a normal thing for them to have multiple sexual partners simultaneously. Naturally, Niue is extremely notorious for this, and that’s something that severely pissed Skitzel off a lot. Niue always tried to explain to him why he does the things that he does, and Skitzel never really understood, meanwhile Niue could never wrap his head around why Skitzel was so angry to hear about his long list of relationships. Niue often sleeps with his drug dealers in exchange for drugs rather than a monetary payment as their entire economy is in shambles, and so Niue takes advantage of his body and attractiveness. This means that Niue spends a lot of time with Skitzels father in order to get his fix. Eeeeeeh they argue a lot about this stuff too."

This inability to understand each others ways and reasoning is a major dynamic in their relationship, which is what causes their relationship to fail in the end.

I don't know what happened with this background, things were going okay but then everything quickly flopped sideways. Oh well, perhaps I'm doomed to the realm of abstract.

Prismacolor coloured pencils and Faber Castell fineliner used, Edited in Clip Studio Paint pro
Niue is my FtM transgender, substance-abusing Cyodai and Skitzel is my gentle-hearted Fioletovvy. Do not attempt to pry them from my arms please, I bite when protecting my children.
Cyodai and Fioletovvy are both original alien species designed and owned by me. if you wish to make your own, please note me. Thanks!
Artwork © EhX-KoR

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