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The Archangel Dragons Of The Directions: Gabriel by egypturnash

The Archangel Dragons Of The Directions: Gabriel


I have been commissioned to do a set of illustrations of the dragonsonas of the angels one calls upon during the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram, if one is a neophyte in a magical system derived from the Golden Dawn documents. This is the second one. There will be at least two more.

Gabriel is the Lord of Paradise, the Serpents, and the Cherubim. She rules the Water signs of the Zodiac, and is the angel of the purple sphere of Yesod on the Tree of Life. She is helpful in matters of emotional healing, finding love and peace, finding strength in the middle chaos, and gaining insight through both dreams and one's Third Eye.

She carries a chalice, so as to remind you that this direction is associated with the suit of Cups.

Her nametag, if you look at it from another angle, may show names like Nyx or Nut or Luna or perhaps even Hecate. And without the overlay of the Water of the South she is purple, silver, and black.

(Note: Safari and Chrome don't seem to want to display her colors with the proper intense blue. Firefox does. Perhaps someday I will find the proper color profile incantations to remedy this without bloating this from about 400k to 700.)

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