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pandemic mood by egypturnash

pandemic mood


7 May 2020 at 21:25:01 MDT

I keep on feeling like this when I try to get art done.

I actually managed to get a decent amount of stuff done today but it still all felt like this despite being out in the park getting some sun. There's a constant low level of stress running whenever I'm away from home, and home's full of its own kind of lethargy.

Illustrator, about an hour.

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    I feel this 100%. Every since this pandemic came to be, it's been sapping my energy when out in public. I've had to rely on myself more than ever to get through that crap. We'll get through it, though. At least as introverts, we have our hobbies, streams & games. So many craven schmucks out there, losing their minds because they can't get a pointless haircut. Shows how much stronger we are than them. :3

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      To be quite honest I am amazed how much I like to have a certain amount of Other People's Energy around me even though I am an antisocial introvert!

      It's gotten a little better ever since I got myself a decent desk set up at home but it's still an uphill struggle.

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        That's good. yeah, I've started streaming on Twitch for some fun. Now, i might be able to make it into an actual job, which is nice. One day, I might get a tablet & stream some art. Also, I'm comforted by the fact my dad told me I look like the drummer of Black Sabbath with my longer hair. We'll get there, one day at a time. At least our creativity & ingenuity will help us, as well as online friends. :3