Commission: Keep the Ladder Floating by egyptiandragon1

Commission: Keep the Ladder Floating


26 June 2014 at 21:03:31 MDT

Huge chibi commission for lightninghaze featuring 11 people! @w@;

Can Haze keep them all in the air? No one knows but he is up pretty high! D:

From top to bottom:

lightninghaze Flying high to get everyone off the ground.
sea-pancake Enjoying being up so high, but she doesn't have too much to worry about being first in line.
zeliv Is worried that Noko might not be able to hold on much longer!
little-noko Might not be able to hold on, but she's trying so hard!
fluffyrosey Is terrified being up so high in the air!
myett-wrath Isn't sure what to think, but is a bit frightened.
:iconbakakitty: Is pretty pleased to be next after Myett~<3
:iconegyptiandragon1: (me) Wondering how Haze got so in over his and is helping only just a little bit.
:iconzakedas: Much like Tami, doesn't mind where he is, especially since he's right below his mate.
byere Trying to pull up and hold onto the last one in line.
sugarsweetadelaide Is last and closest to the ground, so she doesn't need to worry much, but is awed by how tall the chain of furs is!

If I need to add a link to a higher res image, it will appear here!

Characters are © all respective owners!

Art © me!


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    It's really amazing to see it in the hi-res of this site over FA! Great work!!!

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    Uhuh, possible to send me a collection offer? :3