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Cushie Reference Sheet (2016) by eeekay

Cushie Reference Sheet (2016)


Finally got to Cushie's reference sheet! Which is important cause I needed to have a consistent design for her when I start drawing her in Chapter 2 of Fugue State!

Info: Cushie is about 168cm tall (5'6") and about 43kg (95lb). She is about average height for a poodle. She likes wearing loose fitting, short, revealing clothes! She likes to dance and particularly like raving! She is growing out her head poof, but likes to keep her other poodle poofs trimmed. Fugue helps her groom her poofs and the rest of her body, and she helps Fugue fleece (nothing intimate though!).

Cushie is very easy going, and maybe a little more streetwise than she'd let on, and she is pretty empathetic. Cushie is not going to university, she instead has a secretarial job that she picked up shortly after highschool. She's life long friends of Fugue, and they moved in together when Fugue decided to go to Furthington University. Cushie is aggressively extroverted, but much to her disappointment she can never break Fugue out of her shell. Cushie likes to cook! But sadly, mostly everything she cooks Fugue cannot eat. She's learned to make some things that they can share, but often gets her "omnivorous" diet mixed with Fugue's "strictly herbivorous diet."

Cushie does not actually have heterochromatic eyes, she just likes to wear a red contact sometimes when she goes raving to mess with people! She also thinks it looks cool. She does not wear it to work. When she does wear it, she always puts it in her right eye.

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