A Huge Change - Chapter One by Edwardthedog2

Eventually, I came to.

"Yaaawn... That was a strange dream. So many weird lights. Huh? Why is it so dark? Did I sleep until night?" As my eyes started to adjust I noticed that there were things in front of my face. They were whiskers. I looked at my hand; I only had three fingers, and my arm was covered in brown fur. "What? What is this?" I thought. "Am I still dreaming?".

I stood up and looked around. I was no longer in my bedroom, but a cave. I noticed that the walls were huge. Either I had gotten smaller, or this was a very large cave! I stood up and noticed a puddle of water. I walked over and looked in my reflection; a good long look. I was a rodent; a hamster. And an awfully cute one at that. Using my paws, I splashed water on my face, but I still looked the same. This wasn't a dream.

"Hello? Is anyone else here?" I asked, hoping someone here could help me find my way out of this cave. Walking along, I tried to find a path to leave myself, when I saw what looked like a tan hamster walking off in the distance. "Hello? Can you help me?" I called out but to no avail. Assuming he didn't hear me, I decided to follow, staying just close enough to see them. Eventually, I started seeing light ahead and thought that it must be the way out. I was right. "Finally! I'm free!", I announced, relieved.

For a moment I was worried I had lost the other hamster, but eventually, I saw him again and continued following. After multiple attempts to get his attention again, I decided to stop trying to do so until he stopped. Perhaps wherever he was going he, or somebody there, could help me. I knew nothing about being a hamster after all! I pursued him through a hole and down a tunnel, all the way until he walked through a wooden door. It was then that I realized that I couldn't be in my own world anymore; not if hamsters possessed the ability to build doors in this one. Nervously, I knocked.

The door opened, and there stood a familiar orange and white hamster.

"HamHa!", he greeted. "Can I help you?" I gaped, surprised. Concerned he asked, "Uh oh, are you okay?"

"I know you!", I replied. "You're Hamtaro!"

To be continued...

A Huge Change - Chapter One


21 July 2019 at 16:39:13 MDT

Chapter One of "A Huge Change" is out! So far I'm still a little confused, but I managed to find the Ham-Ham Clubhouse!

I'd highly recommend starting with the prologue first, to get an understanding of what's happened. Read it here: https://www.weasyl.com/~edwardthedog2/submissions/1802967/a-huge-change-intro

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