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Cat Genetics Guide: Tabby Patterns by EdnaWheeler1

Cat Genetics Guide: Tabby Patterns


Cat Genetics Guide: Tabby Patterns Chart

Row 1
1) Barred Ticked Tabby (Tata)
2) Unpatterned Ticked Tabby (TaTa)
3) Broken Classic Tabby (mcmc, tata)

Row 2
4) Mackerel Tabby (McMc or Mcmc, spsp, tata)
5) Classic Tabby (mcmc, spsp, tata)
6) Mist Marble Tabby (spsp, tata): found in the Australian Mist breed

Row 3
7) Broken Mackerel Tabby (McMc or Mcmc, tata)
8) Mackerel Spotted Tabby (McMc or Mcmc, SpSp or Spsp, tata)
9) Sokoke Tabby (mcmc, spsp, tata): found in the Sokoke breed and the Khadzonzos landrace

Row 4
10) Speckled Tabby
11) Pinstripe Tabby
12) Classic Spotted Tabby (mcmc, SpSp or Spsp, tata)

Agouti Locus (A)
A/A: homozygous agouti/tabby
A/a: heterozygous agouti/tabby
a/a: non-agouti/solid/self

Ticked Tabby Locus (Ta): epistatic to spotted, mackerel, and classic tabbies
Ta/Ta: homozygous unpatterned ticked tabby
Ta/ta: heterozygous barred ticked tabby
ta/ta: non-ticked

Spotted Tabby Locus (Sp): epistatic to mackerel and classic tabbies, but hypostatic to ticked tabbies
Sp/Sp: homozygous spotted tabby
Sp/sp: heterozygous spotted tabby
sp/sp: non-spotted tabby

Primary Tabby Locus (Mc): hypostatic to spotted and ticked tabbies
Mc/Mc: homozygous mackerel tabby
Mc/mc: heterozygous mackerel tabby
mc/mc: classic tabby