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Eddie Ka

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Taking Fursuit Head and Partial Commissions!

Its finally time! Im opening up 2-3 slots for fursuit commissions. I say 2-3 because it will depend on the complexity of the suits, how much room I will have. (example being if a character has 6 colors that minimum 6 yards of fur I have to make room for, even if its just a head)
Dont forget! I post more regular updates on my blog!

Open Slots:

_____________Commission Info______________

Please read all below info before contacting me.

To get in the queue a 30% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit must be made. this goes into supplies for the suit and is spent very quickly so that production can start. if you back out you will not get this back, you will only get anything over the 30% after your suit is sold off in auction. (it will be altered so that im not selling your character)
(If for any reason I become unable to finish a suit due to my personal life, the deposit will be refunded as well as any other payments. This does not include if I decide to end communications for issues such as harassment or stalking from the client)

When getting a quote, please tell me which parts you want (head, hands,feet, tail) and for glove and feet how far up the arms and legs. Please note that I am not taking fullsuits right now due to space

Please send quote requests to with the info below filled out.
Messages sent to notes will be ignored.

I will need a link to you ref sheet or if its natural animal, links to the color variations you like (the more pictures the better).
I also need your measurements filled out.

head circumference (at eyebrows):
chin to forehead (at average hairline area):
Forehead to base of skull:
Back of head ear to ear:
Around neck:

Around wrist:
Around elbow:
Around shoulder/armpit:
Wrist to shoulder:
Wrist to elbow:
Elbow to shoulder:
Around Upper midarm:
Around lower midarm:
Across back, shoulder to shoulder:
Glove size:

Around ankle:
Around knee:
Around Upper leg:
Ankle to knee:
Knee to hip:
Shoe Size:

You only need to fill in what needed for your suit. for example if you just getting and head and paws that go to the elbow you would only need head measurements, glove size, wrist, elbow and length of arm to elbow.

I do take international orders, but please be aware that shipping is expensive and in some countries there is an added customs fee which can be quite large, you are responsible for all those fees. (ive noticed particularly nasty customs fees for the UK, so be sure to check into that, I dont want you to get slammed with a surprise fee)

As mentioned in a previous journal, I will now be using fleece/foam for most features instead of casting parts (not including the head base and teeth/claws). If you want, for example, horns to be cast plastic instead of fleece, they will be more expensive then the fleece. Especially if its a mold I will never be able to use again. But im also open to looking at alternative materials such as EVA foam, Bondo, and Warbla. So feel free to discuss options.

Heads: Starts at 800 for simple 1-2 color heads.
(price goes up from here for added colors, complex markings, horns, manes, and other extra features)
Partials: Start at 1000 for 1-2 color partials
(price goes up from here for added colors, complex markings, manes, long or multiple tails and other extra features)

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Digital Art

Flat Colors
from $ 20.00
to $ 25.00
from $ 15.00
to $ 20.00
Painted Style
from $ 40.00
to $ 60.00
from $ 25.00
to $ 30.00
from $ 10.00
to $ 15.00
add  Complex designs, Extra Characters, complex background
from $ 10.00
to $ 30.00

email me at if you are interested in getting a piece. (make sure you put commission in the title or I wont see it)
All prices listed here are rough estimates and you'll need to contact me for an accurate price.


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    Love your fursuits so much!!! keep it up!! :D

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    love your work ^^ <3