Like a Bander Out of Hell by Eda

Like a Bander Out of Hell


21 January 2014 at 15:00:08 MST

(Edit: weww okay Weasyl doesn't like dark colours or something? Finally got this looking okay though~)

A little sketch commission for Drayygon, paid for in sweet, sweet indie games... Oddly enough keeping to the horror theme, it was Eldritch!
What a game <3

Drayy asked for something of his evil mutant bander Blek being his typical self.
Goddamnit Blek stop scaring the scientists! All they want to do it poke you~

Blek is © to drayygon
Artwork is © to the bander sat a few cells down, trying to sleep while Blek sets another assistant off screaming, me!

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    Fantastic work, Blek is a really cool character and hopefully we'll see more of him!

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      Thank you lass!
      I really enjoed drawing Blek, even if this was just a little sketch he's so fun to work with~

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    Scary perspective is scary, with the added ambience of low-lighting on a dark character. Feel as though I don't want to look away from the screen in case the 'image' moves in my momentary absence.

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      Problem is Weasyl made it rreeaallyy dark for some reason! I had to mess with this one until it looked too light on my screen...
      Weird things, though I'm glad he came out as intended! <3