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Hunting with the Enemy by Echte Sinte

Hunting with the Enemy

Echte Sinte

The Admiral was livid. Throwing his hands up and down like a rabid preacher, pacing the upper deck at a frantic speed.
Finally, his focus turned to Morinth, who was leaning against the railing, watching the burning skies in disbelief.
The Admirals imposing voice thundered: "This magic demon creature is an ally to the enemy and you didn't even bother to tell me about this?! Do not even pretend you didn't know. You planned this all. You knew about their hideout. So, why? Why did you drag us out here, letting us jump through all these morbid hoops, only to not give me all the information I needed?!"
The old man was muttering something to himself "...maybe this plane of existence simply makes her return to her roots..."
"I'll be damned if I know what you're on about, you ivory tower weirdo! Stop mumbling into your immortal beard, you fool and just answer me!"
"Hmm... you see... you are right when you think that I know this creature. She's been here before, tens of thousands of years ago. According to some people she simply appeared on an open field, under an overcast evening sky. Poof! There she was."
" 'Poof'?"
"She didn't even know who or where she was. Struggling to even find any words at all. She later fled into the woods and lived with the local wildlife. She was a local legend. Then she suddenly disappeared again. Where she went, nobody can tell... I'm sure the exact same thing simply happened to her again. Poof!"
The Admiral tried to regain his composure: "And why does she hunt with the Izzen, then?"
"Well, maybe she's just looking for her place in the world. Imagine being thrown into foreign lands, losing the memories of who you were and what once was. Traveling the multiverse for tens of thousands of years. Sometimes, finding a home is a matter of good or bad luck, you know?"
The Admiral looked up into the crimson sky, where the roaring flames still rivaled the light of the sun.
Finally, he put his hand on the angular shoulder of Morinth and said calmy:
"Look at it closely! This is your plan in action. All credit belongs to you, old man."

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