Her Majesty - Somewhat of a Character Sheet by Echte Sinte

Her Majesty - Somewhat of a Character Sheet

Echte Sinte

19 February 2018 at 14:33:29 MST


"She's lived here for I-don't-know-how-long, you moron!" Kerishre claimed, visibly annoyed
"And if even I don't know how long she's lived here, you can safely assume it's been a looooong time! She's not gonna move away from here, just because I have the fancy. Forget it! Your plan requires a miracle!"
"I've seen you persuade people of crazier things, little one!" answered Mittloinsson "You're a sneaky creature!"
Kerishre was giving him a stern look "No. I'm just a clever one!"
The stern look intensified: "Okay, okay! I see how it is! You want a miracle: Watch me!"


Her Majesty (the robed jackal-thingy) and Kerishre (the purple imp) belong to me - plz don't steal.

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