Smile by Echte Sinte


Echte Sinte

13 February 2018 at 14:31:34 MST

"What's the matter, fuzzy?"
The blue-eared bunny looked over his shoulders, just to see Kerishre, assertively floating towards him.
"Ha! Surprised to see me again, so soon? Well... Her Majesty had me pardoned, you know? She thinks of me as a trouble-maker, for sure - but her world is better with me in it, and she knows that."
Loxy was startled, not knowing what to say or even think.
"YOUR world, on the other hand may not be able to handle my mischief - and you should've thought of that, BEFORE you did what you did at the ol' Palace! So, I've decided to come back to haunt you a second time. It's gonna be a short one, though, I promise. And... well... faced with these facts - I suggest you crack an approving smile for little old me. How's about it?"

(Spoiler alert: Loxy escaped the Imps clutches!)
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