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Game Time #1: "Hammer Time Isn't Fun for Everyone!" by EccentricChimera

Game Time #1: "Hammer Time Isn't Fun for Everyone!"


And here's the first part in a new series that I'm working on, called Gametime! In this, I'll be drawing ideas taken from the games that me and my friends play together. This time, it's Loadout!

In Loadout, there's a "capture the flag" style of gamemode that you can compete in...only, instead of flags, you have to capture the hammer! The hammer can also be used to smash opponents and take them out in a single hit, so it's not surprising that Zakk was left helpless and slightly charred in the aftermath. ^_^

On the lighter note, free nuki pancake! grabs syrup


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    shields aint got shit on the hammer. one mistimed swing, one lobbed nade, and some colorful language... well let's just say RIP hammer carrier.