COM: "She's Definitely Not Two-Dimensional Anymore..." by EccentricChimera

COM: "She's Definitely Not Two-Dimensional Anymore..."


13 March 2014 at 20:00:00 MDT

And finally, here's my other commission, of a larger-than-life Lammy from Um Lammy Jammer being inflated to huge sizes while her friend Katy Kat watches in confusion.

I especially liked this one because of the games, because the characters were kept as two dimensional drawings in a 3-D environment, making everyone look flat. So, I decided to keep Katy Kat flat-looking as well. Fortunately, Lammy doesn't have to worry about looking 2-D anymore. ^_^

Also, I was working on another commission and I decided to practice my shading and lighting techniques on this one first. The other set of commissions is coming very soon, now that I feel a bit more confident in my abilities.